A space created by Biryani lovers. A menu curated by Biryani lovers.

The best Indian restaurant in Northyork, the Biryani you get here is not ordinary. Flavourful, aromatic and filled with ingredients that add a zesty flavour to any day or celebration, we bring to you a spread that is inspired by the global palette of food lovers and the distinct taste of Biryani connoisseurs everywhere. Read more to taste the best Biryani in Northyork.

Why we are special

In an attempt to become the best restaurant in Northyork that always answers your "the best Biryani near me" question, we have created a menu that is global yet desi in the most comforting, delectable and flavourful ways. From authentic Chicken Biryani to Prawn Biryani, we also house the extremely palatable kebabs that will instantly make Biryaniwalla your favourite Indian restaurant in Canada for serving you the best Biryani in Northyork. What makes us special is that we are globalising the flavour of our local superstar and bringing you a menu that is created and verified by the most aggressive biryani lovers in the world.

Our Story

Our story begins with Biryani, and our story ends with Biryani. In an attempt to bring you the tastiest and most-loved delicacy from India that instantly reminds you of Hyderabad House or Old City, we've carefully chalked out a menu that includes classics that you don't wanna miss, and culinary experiments that you don't want to miss out on. Bringing the authentic taste for us to the table is not difficult. We understand nuances, know what goes into making the best Biryani in town, and we don't settle unless every Biryani lover is satisfied!

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